The department provides the following services to its clients: 

1.    Decides quasi-judicial cases under various labour laws  

2.    Issues registration certificate/licenses and their renewals under various labour laws; 

3.    Certifies standing orders under Industrial Establishment Standing Orders Act 1946; 

4.    Decides Appeals under different labour laws; 

5.    Fixation/ Revision of minimum wages under Minimum Wages Act, 1948; 

6.    Child labour detection, rescue, repatriation and rehabilitation; 

7.    Bonded labour identification, release and rehabilitation; 

8.    Implementation of welfare schemes for industrial and building & construction workers; 

9.    Implementation of self-certification scheme for employers; 

10.  Development and generation of labour related statistics; 

11.  Inspections under various labour laws. 

12.  Redressal of complaints of workers/ Trade Unions.

13.  Registration and Placement of registrants in remunerative employment in the public and private sectors. 

14.  Rendition of Vocational guidance and employment counseling. 

15.  Employment Market Information programme and Enforcement of the Employment Exchanges (Compulsory Notification of Vacancies) Act, 1959.

16.  Occupational information and its dissemination among the applicants. 

17.  Development of the employability of the applicant of the weaker section of the society viz. SC/ST and OBC. 

18.  Motivation of unemployed youths to set up adventures in the field of Self- Employment.