Eligibility under the Scheme:

  1. Workers registered with the Board.
  2. Spouse of registered worker.
  3. Dependent siblings of registered worker.
  4. Children of registered worker.

* No minimum duration of registration with the board *

Courses Eligible:

  1. Various Short Term Training Courses under NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation)
  2. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) courses leading to award of a certificate by the NSDC/SCC/NCVT/SCVT and similar bodies/authorities.
  3. Orientation Courses/Courses for up-skilling or re-skilling of beneficiaries of the Board organized by LESDE Deptt. or the MBOCWWB or any agency authorized by the Department/Board.

Empanelled Training Providers

  1. Accent Plus
  2. ELKE Training Center
  3. Mission Foundation Movement (MFM)
  4. Social Justice & Development India (SJ&DI)
  5. Vakiria Computerised Embroidery
  6. Vocational School of Education (VSE)

Job Roles under SSD-MBOCWWB

  1. Tourism & Hospitality - Housekeeping Attendant (Manual Cleaner)
  2. Construction - Tack Welder, False Ceiling and Drywall Installer, Doors & windows fixer, Mason Tiling, Assistant Electrician, Mason General, Plumber General 
  3. Food Processing - Baking Technician/ Operative, Craft Baker
  4. IT&ITES - Domestic Data Entry Operator
  5. Beauty & Wellness - Assistant Nail Technician V2, Sr. Beauty Therapist, Beauty Therapist
  6. Healthcare - General Duty Assistant
  7. Apparel - Self-Employed Tailor, Sampling Tailor, Fashion Designing

Assessment & Certification: Mizoram Council of Vocational Training (MCVT)