Mizoram Council for Vocational Training (MCVT) was notified by Govt. of Mizoram in 2008. It was operationalized under the Chairmanship of the Hon'ble Minister, LESDE Deptt. Secretary to Govt. of Mizoram, LESDE Deptt. as Vice-Chairman and Director, LESDE Deptt. As Member Secretary till date. The Governing Body consist of members from LESDE Deptt., Works Deptt. and representatives from Trade Unions.

                   Mizoram Council for Vocational Training (MCVT) regulates the functioning of entities engaged in both long & short-term vocational training in -5- the state and establishes minimum standards for the functioning of such entities. The major functions of MCVT would be recognition and regulation of Awarding Bodies, Assessment Agencies, and Skill related Information Providers; approval of Qualifications; monitoring and supervision of recognized entities and grievance redressal focusing mainly on the existing three Govt. Industrial Training Institutes of the state. Besides monitoring the existing skill training of the state, the state Govt. participate in numerous infrastructure development and skill strengthening project through MCVT. 

                   The Mizoram Council for Vocational Training (MCVT) enables integration of fragmented regulatory system and infuses quality assurance across the entire vocational training value chain amongst youth of the state leading to better outcomes.