No. B.14015/4/2010-LESDE/268, the 18th February, 2019: In exercise of the powers conferred under Section 3 read with Section 13 of the Minimum Wages Act, (1948 No. XI of 1948), the Governor of Mizoram is pleased to revise the minimum rates of wages for the workers employed in the Scheduled Employment of “Casual/Muster Roll Employees” under the Government Departments, Semi-Government Organisation, Public Undertakings and on Contract Basis with effect from 1st October, 2018.

Scheduled Employment
Categories of Workers
Minimum Rate of Wages per day
Casual / Muster Roll EmployeeUnskilled380/-
Skilled - II
Skilled - I640/-

The Minimum rates of wages already notified under other Scheduled Employments shall remain the same until further order.

This issues with the approval of the Council of Ministers in its meeting held on 12/02/2019 (No. J.11011/1/2019, dt. 14/02/2019) and the concurrence of Finance Department vide I.D.No. FIN(PRU) 104/2018, dt. 15/01/2019.


  1. UN-SKILLED WORK : means work which involves simple operation, little or no skill or experience in the job.

  2. SEMI-SKILLED : means work which involves some degree of skill of competence acquired through experience on the job which is capable of being performed under the supervision and guidance of skilled employees and includes unskilled supervisory work.

  3. SKILLED-II (JUNIOR GRADE) : means work which involves skills or competence acquired through experience on jobs or through training as apprentice in a technical or vocational institute and the performance of which calls for initiative and judgment.

  4. SKILLED - I (SENIOR GRADE) : Means experience in the work requiring great skills.

  5. WORKING PERIOD : The number of working hours per day will normally be 8 hours approximately for technical works and the number of working hours like clerical, peons etc per day will be as prescribed by the employers. Workers who are engaged in offices will follow the office hours of the Office/Department where they are employed.

  6. PAID HOLIDAYS :Workers other than clerical, peon etc working in the office will enjoy the following paid holidays in addition to the Sunday benefit as enjoyed by the workers provided they work continuously for 6(six) days a week:

    1. New Year : 1st January
    2. Missionary Day : 11th January
    3. Republic Day : 26th January
    4. Chapchar kut : on the day it falls
    5. Good Friday : on the day it falls
    6. May day : 1st May
    7. YMA Day : 15th June
    8. Remna ni : 30th June
    9. Independence Day : 15th August
    10. Mahatma Gandhi Birthday : 2nd October
    11. Christmas Day : 25th December

  7. Women and disabled workers will enjoy the same rates payable to the male and abled workers.

  8. Where the existing rates of wages of any employee based on contract or agreement or otherwise are higher than the rate notified herein, the higher shall be treated as the minimum rate of wages applicable for the purpose of this notification to such employee.

  9. This shall be applicable to all Governments Departments, Semi-Government Organisations and all Public Undertakings within the State of Mizoram.