As part of Skill India International initiative, NSDC International Limited (NSDCI) is currently working to implement Specified Skilled Worker (SSW) program for which the Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) was signed between the Government of India and Government of Japan in 2021  on ‘A Basic Framework for Partnership for Proper Operation of the System Pertaining to Specified Skilled Worker’ (SSW).  SSW is a new residency status introduced by the Government of Japan to address the severe labour shortage in Japan by accepting foreign human resources with specific expertise and skills. NSDCI is currently working with Japanese Recruitment company to train and place Nursing Care candidates in Japan.  Candidates will undergo full time Japanese Language Training for 9 months at NSDC International Training Centre and get placed in Japan . You may kindly find attached file detail of the Job Description and fee structure. Further, the latest mandates for the program are detailed below. Please submit the CVs to copying &